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How to choose the best chainsaw for the landscape

source : UANBUY    Author : UANBUY    Time : 29-12-2020

Pruning branches and cutting trees has never been easier than using a UANBUY chainsaw. As a professional landscaping company, you may be required to remove fallen limbs or trees from the client's yard, and you will need the right tools to complete the job. UANBUY provides many UANBUY chain saws and pole chain saws for landscape professionals.

The difference between top handle chainsaw and rear handle chainsaw

When choosing the best chainsaw for your business, consider its use: Will it be used for general tree cutting or more extensive tree cutting? There are two types of gasoline chain saws: top handle chain saw and back handle chain saw. The top handle chainsaw is specially designed for the operator, and the saw can be controlled from the top. They are ideal for cleaning the lower limbs on the ground and pruning low-hanging branches on trees in residential and commercial landscapes. These saws can also be used by professionals with one hand. The rear handle chain saw has both top and rear handles, providing the operator with maximum control of the saw. For people who lack experience in using chainsaws, they are a good choice because they increase manageability. However, they must not be used with one hand and are the best choice for felling trees.

Polish chainsaw

If you need to reach higher branches and cannot use a bucket truck, you can use a pole saw to increase the convenience of beautifying the environment. The pole saw is essentially a light chain saw attached to a strong wooden stick. Some pole saws can reach 7 feet to more than 10 feet in length, which provides enough range for the operator to safely fix the feet on the ground while cutting small limbs. The length of the rebar can be 10 inches, 12 inches or 14 inches. The vertical chain saw is ergonomically designed to improve comfort and operability. We have 3ft and 4ft rod extensions available for purchase for Echo rod saws.

UANBUY is here to help you make informed decisions about beautifying equipment. When you browse our chain saws and wire saws, remember to check our selection of chain saw chains, guide bars and accessories. Do you need to strengthen the chain? We have circular saw blades and flat saw blades to ensure that your saw chain is correct. We can also buy Oregon Power Sharp system.

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