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Purchas Guide to Hedge Trimmers

source : UANBUY    Author : UANBUY    Time : 29-12-2020

Without regular pruning and maintenance, your bushes and hedges will quickly lose control and take over your garden, which is why it is important to have a good hedge trimmer.

When looking to buy a hedge trimmer, it is important to consider many factors. The biggest thing you should consider is the height and thickness of the hedge-because this will affect the functionality you need on the hedge trimmer.

The three main types of hedge trimmers available are:

Electric hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers are usually the smallest, lightest and cheapest hedge trimmers on the market. They are connected to the main power supply and are suitable for small home gardens. Sometimes, when working in trees and bushes, the rope may become annoying and may become entangled in the branches. On the bright side, electric hedge trimmers are indeed lighter.

Petrol hedge trimmer

Provides more functions and can handle denser and thicker leaves and branches. They are also cordless, allowing you to walk anywhere and cut down anywhere in the garden or surrounding houses. Gasoline hedge trimmers require more maintenance than electric hedge trimmers and battery hedge trimmers because you need to add fuel and oil to the machine engine.

Hedge trimmer

Battery hedge trimmer

Like the electric model, the battery hedge trimmer is very quiet and very suitable for noise-sensitive areas. They also have wireless advantages, so you can use them anywhere. One of the disadvantages is that you need to plan ahead and remember to charge the battery before use. For very large gardens, you may need to charge one battery and use another battery to ensure that the work can be completed.

Things to consider when buying a hedge trimmer

Cutting width/blade gap and blade length

Another important aspect to consider when buying a hedge trimmer is the blade length. The length of the trimmer blade will determine the speed of trimming the hedge. The average size hedge is suitable for leaves with a leaf length between 45-60c, but any larger or denser leaves are suitable for products with a leaf length of more than 60cm. The larger the gap between the blade teeth, the more leaves can be cut in one breath. Larger blade gaps are ideal for thicker, denser hedges. These general guidelines should help:

Hedge size leaf length

Below 46cm

Middle 47-56cm

Large 56cm +

Weight and balance

If possible, you should try to hold the hedge trimmers before buying, as they have various weights and balances. However, the choice that suits you best depends on your personal preferences.

Added security features

-Hedge trimmers can become dangerous devices, so safety features are usually the key selling point. You can pay attention to the following points.

-Automatic brake: This ensures that the blade should stop immediately as soon as the trigger is released, for example, if the tooth of the machine gets stuck on the blade.

-Handguard: This will protect your hands from any falling debris.

-Before buying a new hedge trimmer, ask yourself the following questions.

How big is your property?

Less than 100 yards from the nearest power source? The electric trimmer is for you. Something bigger, or if the space contains some obstacles, then a gasoline trimmer may be the best fit for your needs.

How often do you plan to use the new hedge trimmer?

If you occasionally need a trimmer, the cheaper model makes sense. For frequently used products, you should invest in more professional products because they can save you time and money in the long run.

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